Sleepmakeswaves pay tribute to the late Robert Miles with Children cover

On the verge of heading to Europe to spread the word about their new record Made of Breath Only at many a festival and music venue, sleepmakeswaves have popped into triple j to lay down what could be the most epic Like a Version to date - a tribute to 90's trance producer Robert Miles' with a cover of his massive single 'Children'. The Italian-born producer legend passed away just last month from cancer and was best known for his ubiquitous platinum-selling 1996 single which became an anthem for the dance genre. It was the first time EVER that Like a Version has featured both the artist's song and the cover as instrumentals - sleepmakeswaves didn't compromise on their post-rock instrumental credentials, captivating the airwaves with their hard-out heavy take on Miles' trance classic - and paying tribute to the man himself and his influence. They also laid down a gorgeous acoustic take on their massive single Tundra, which has been on rotation on the triple j and double j playlists since it's release.


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