Vitne goes from neon to Jupiter

Introspective Melodic Rock with a hint of punk, slightly gothic. Inspired by artists like GACKT, Motley Crue, Good Charlotte and Billy Idol.

Vitne‘s Jupiter showcases his passion for making music that is important to him, regardless of the direction it takes him. While it was evident his previous album Neon was heavily based in glam-metal territory, Jupiter is slightly more difficult to pin down. It is clear, however, that his love for Japanese rock has greatly influenced his work.

“I feel Japanese artists like X Japan and GACKT have really moved me,” says Vitne. “Their use of classical instruments adds a beauty to even the heaviest of songs. As a flutist I was intrigued, and that ultimately inspired me to experiment more with flute and piano in my own music.”
Check out the new track Masquerade, taken from the upcoming album Jupiter, out June 20.


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