Remington Super 60 releases charming EP Indie Pop For Kids Vol.1

Remington Super 60 was started by Christoffer Schou in late 1998. After years of playing the part of the guitar player in various bands (Doopy,Mikado) Christoffer wanted to start making his own music alone. Christoffer spent one year alone with his diminutive collection of mini Casio keyboards just writing songs and learning how to play keyboard instruments.
Right after the release of the tribute album dedicated to Norwegian indie band Remington super 60 , the band decided to release a brand new EP titled Indie Pop for Kids Vol 1.  But don’t get to discouraged with the kids in the title – this is beautiful childish pop for people off all ages. Particularly parents that are tired of listening to tiresome kids music in the car and that are in need of something else, might share this with their kids so they can enjoy the music together. Remington Super 60 has always been fans of using small Casio keyboards and childish athmospeheres in their music, just take a listen to their debut album Pling 2001 on Spotify (released by Italian label Shado Records in 2000). This was actually labelled Casio pop by the media here in Norway back then. And on this release they return to this wonderful sound. The character Robo that appears on this EP has been almost like a mascot to the group since the very beginning in 1998. He first appeared on their debut 7" lost kid (1999) and has popped up every now and then ever since. Their love for classic artists such as Burt Bacharach, Beach Boys as well as library music from the 60s are very evident in the sound, but obviously also influences from newer artists like Cornelius, High Llamas, Eggstone and Stereolab.  The band started in 1998, and they have released a string of releases on various indie labels all over the world since then.
Stream the EP here.


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