Power pop band Onesie releases Leos Consume today

Kick back and have some fun this summer, with the whimsical power-pop music of Brooklyn’s Onesie! They released their album Leos Consume today.
The band’s first full-length release is packed with vivid, hooky, guitar-pop anthems pulling from scraps of British pop, American punk, and classic rock influences. As they explore the voyage toward modern adulthood, they remind us all to have some fun and not to take life too seriously!

The origins of Onesie date back to 2007, when Ben Haberland quietly exited The Isles, a New York quartet often compared to likeness of The Smiths. Easing back into music, he began to stockpile guitar pop demos while focusing on his daytime career. “Somehow this album feels like a personal greatest hits,” Haberland shared. “The songs were culled from my favorite bedroom demos of the last 8 or 9 years. I try not to take myself so seriously but recently I realized the connective tissue lyrically is an attempt at aging gracefully while recognizing one’s core creative desires may remain shockingly similar at 20, 30, or 40 years old. I took that anxiety and tried to smush it into fun pop songs.”


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