From both sides of a divided city, here´s Citizen Nobody

What is clear from listening to Citizen Nobody’s self-titled, self-produced debut album is that there is more willingness to confront that to conform. An album of contrasts between loud and quiet, hard and soft, political and spiritual, angry and romantic, ugly and beautiful yet all seem to belong together in the same room.

From the bluesy punk anti-authoritarian songs like “Born Again Primitive” and “Patriarchy Blues” to the acoustic romanticism of “Apolitical” and the swampy almost Louisianan Cajun of “Alskar” to songs about Arthur “Rimbaud”, the mystical place of “Sukhavati” and to the orchestral and euphoric “Butterflies” it is clear that this band does not fit into one all-encompassing genre easily and seems to span multiple genres, sometimes even within a single song.

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland - Citizen Nobody recorded this self-produced debut album as a three piece over a period of three days at Ram Alley Studios in the centre of Belfast.
"Born during war times under a blood red sky and coming from both sides of their divided city, Citizen Nobody stand to show that all division, nationalistic, religious or otherwise can be transcended through a sense of mutual respect, cooperation and commonality of understanding” - Citizen Nobody

Out now on Ram Alley Records with a limited run of 300 copies including hand pressed silkscreen jackets & digital download.
Stream the album here.


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