Desert Tundra takes the scene by storm with new EP, Something Fierce

Alternative rock band, Desert Tundra released their latest EP, Something Fierce, a collection of gripping rock anthems that hold a deep and touching meaning. Front woman, Janet Jelena, based the new tracks off her personal adventures while living in Los Angeles over the last year. With all the ups and downs Jelena has faced, this EP is a symbol of hope, letting her audience know that if she can be happy again, anyone can. Something Fierce is now available to stream or download worldwide.

From high-energy rock tracks to intense alternative ballads, Something Fierce has got something for everyone. Produced by John Bender (Paramore, My Chemical Romance), the eclectic EP is rich with raw honesty and emotion giving the listeners a vivid view inside the situations that Jelena was going through with each song.
Stream the EP here.


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