Sydney rockers Far Away Stables unleash burning, thumping track Caldera

Sydney's Far Away Stables are poised to release their debut album 'Between Rage and Serenity' into the world on Friday May 12th. After having such success with their previous releases - their two formative EPs are now completely sold out and out of print - this new release for the band - who have toured across Australia, USA and South East Asia - is a pivotal moment for them. A bold, interesting, confident, heavy, but melodic turn, it will engage fans new and old.  

Today they are bringing their first single from the record to the table. A burning, thumping track entitled 'Caldera' and with it comes a gorgeous black and white video shot by Neal Walters. 'Caldera' is now released via the band's Facebook page and Youtube - and is now available in Spotify and iTunes. 


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