Rising electronic rock band Omega Swan release Autonation single

Omega Swan is quickly becoming Nashville’s next rock force to be reckoned with. Comprised of Marcus Garceau (guitar, vocals, synthesizers), Will Burgess (bass) and Aaron Westine (drums) the group has spent much of the last year redefining their sound and style in and around Music City, playing countless shows and working in respected Nashville studios such as Sound Emporium, Red Fern and Redact Studios. The trio’s music can be heard regularly on Nashville’s radio airwaves and on major television networks including Showtime and Netflix (Shameless). Their single, “Hate Love,” hit #2 on All Access’s ‘Top 10 Taking Off’ radio chart the week of it’s release.
In their new song “Autonation,” Omega Swan fuses futuristic guitar and synth hooks along with powerful rock vocals. The song itself is commentary on modern culture drawing parallels between automated technology and a seemingly automated American society.
Stream Autonation on Spotify.
https://open.spotify.com/ track/7yzTr859i2VC3pFLpQ4CBZ


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