Nuclear Valdez to release a collection of unreleased songs from the past

A preview of songs from Nuclear Valdez's upcoming vinyl release Present From The Past. Featuring "Give Up On You," "19," "Rose Coloured Glasses" (aka Liberty City), and "Queen." Available April 22nd! An official Record Store Day Release! 
"More than 20 years since our first album was released, we are frequently flattered by fans expressing how much our music meant to them. We are often asked if we have a new album in the works. So far, the answer has been no. But for a while now, we’ve been thinking of issuing an album of unreleased songs for our fans around the world. With the encouragement of a few close friends, the idea grew and soon we were rummaging through our old tape archives.  So, what you have here is not an album of new songs, but a collection of old songs from the time of our previous albums. Songs that never went beyond the demo stage. We hope and hope and hope that you will enjoy them in all their low-hi-fi glory." --Nuclear Valdez


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