Canadian band Close Talker will release their 3rd album Lens this spring

Originally a four-piece, Close Talker’s last 18 months touring have been spent with just the three members mentioned since losing their bassist in 2015. The guys responded and doubled the workload of each limb. Will took on a synth, Chris a drum pad and Matt, perhaps most impressively of all, organ pedals for humble bass lines, ensuring the show went on. Matt states Although we’re only three people now, the live show always has at least nine limbs working full time to accurately portray the record live.’ In a musical landscape of electronic music and death-by-sampling, it’s a very fitting response to losing a founding member. It’s better than ever now and this new record demonstrates the progression.
The new single Okay Hollywood is taken from the band´s forthcoming album Lens, out May 12th.


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