Alternative metal band Anti Hero drop Snakes and Liars EP on March 17

Anti Hero was born when five good friends decided to be part of the inedit music scenario in their hometown, Lucca-Tuscany. The Anti Hero project began taking shape in late 2015, when the former frontman left due to personal issues. The name comes from the need to react against the typical idealized figure of the “hero” that society imposes, a will to escape the monotony of stereotypes. Trying to keep the bond between crossover and NuMetal sounds and features, the band was highly influenced by well known bands, such as A Day to Remember, August Burns Red, Deftones and Underoath. The band is currently struggling with planning and organisation of upcoming concerts between spring and summer 2017. Putting every effort into composing new songs, with a closer view on post-hardcore features, today is the day of their first EP "Snakes & Liars", will be available on March 17th in digital and physical version via This Is Core.
Tracklisting : 1.I´m the enemy 2.Ronald disgust 3.Saviour 4.Back home 5.Snakes and liars


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