Zetetics from Ukraine deliver a blend of drama and romance in new song

Zetetics are a Ukrainian indie rock band formed in 2014 by lead singer Lika Bugaeva, with very personal lyrics and a strong mix.
Lika Bugaeva first became known as a contestant on the talent TV show "The Voice". The band's debut album, "Finally I see", was rated the best Ukrainian album of 2015, by 'Inspired'. Their last single "Fly Away" is well known for its video, in which Lika was singing in sign language.
In autumn 2015, the band released a new album "Zetetic". "Zetetic" is a little used English word from Greek and Latin, that translates as “those, who are looking for the truth”. The album was praised by Comma and BeeHype.

Early 2017, the band release the new song Even Tonight, the beginning of a new album.


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