Somewhere between disco and punk, you´ll find Mad Machines

A five-piece cutthroat rock ensemble, the Toronto based group excels at taking the strange, the macabre and the seductive to new realms of sonic glory. The music bends and weaves through stripper dipped rock and roll rompers, into dreamy LSD flavored pop laments of girlfriends past...

The band's thoughts on the song:
'Once I Was A Lion' is a strange departure of a song for us, it was actually initially inspired by Disney’s The Lion King. I woke up one day with one of the songs from that film in my head and it got me to thinking something along the lines of, “what if Simba turned out to be a fuck-up drunkard of a king? Wouldn’t that be funny!" Since, the song has evolved; I found myself also writing a reflection piece on how at some point or another, we all feel like kings and queens of our respective kingdoms. It’s a feel-good tune and a real fun pop-rocker to play.


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