Introducing Morgan Mallory

Morgan Mallory was raised in Portland, OR and has persued a career in music since his teen years, teaching himself any instrument he could get his hands on and pushing his own vocal boundaries year after year - searching for his own definitive sound. He moved to Orange County, CA in the winter of 2013 to explore the famously vibrant music community, ultimately meeting the musicians that would make his debut album, Manifesto, a reality. After choosing Hybrid Studios (Santa Ana, CA) as the home base for the construction of the album, Morgan reached out to his fanbase to help him with the record, allowing him to focus on developing a major label sound - completely independently.
Morgan sings and plays from the soul, drawing on his experiences with love, loss, personal growth, hardship, and a uniquely positive zest for life. The songs on Manifesto allow you to see the world through his eyes, yet leave room for the listener to adopt the storylines and lessons as their own.


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