Dishwalla working on first album in 10 years

Message from the Dishwalla camp:
We’re happy to announce that after over a decade since our last studio album, we’re finally releasing our new record, Juniper Road.
Our passion and enthusiasm have never been higher, thanks to the continued support and excitement from all of you, our fans, with an overwhelmingly positive response from countless audiences while on tour these past few years.
Given all the changes in our lives and band over the years, we wanted to reflect that change by creating something much different than we ever have before. We also wanted to be creative in a different way.
No sterile recording studios. No confined soundproof spaces to isolate us from each other. No worrying about the commercial potential of what we make.
Essentially, we wanted to get back to the root of the art and music. We wanted to find a way to capture the essence of the energy and excitement that we share with our fans every night. We wanted to return to the what made us all fall in love with this band and make a Rock record!
Pre-order the album at PledgeMusic.


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