Discogs hits 8 million mark

Discogs celebrates an important milestone in reaching 8 Million releases via the sites 326,000 contributors over the weekend. Born in 2000, it has taken the world’s largest database of physical music 16 years to amass the dizzying collection of CDs, Tapes, and Records with over 1 Million added in the last eight months. With over 25,000 albums being added per week, Discogs continues to be the largest and fastest growing music site in the world.

Ron Rich, Marketing Director at Discogs, stated this afternoon, "We hit 5 million releases in 2015, crazy to think we’ve halved the distance to 10 million in just two years. Still, we hope to catalog all the music in the world and at 8 million releases we’re really just getting started. As the community’s collection grows so does the database. It’s really thanks to the passion of our users that we have been able to catalog the world’s music. The real thanks belong to all the contributors out there that help give people access to music across the planet.”
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