Melbourne based stoner rock band ZMWY gives you Supersonic rock´n´roll

Fuelled by gasoline and weed out in barren NW Victorian wasteland comes ZMWY, slow, groove ridden dirty slide stoner rock. Described by J Fuller from Blood Duster as the missing link between Kyuss and Ministry, this bearded beast mixes its love of choppers, muscle cars with b grade films and dirty sexploitation sci-fi and monster films….. Galactic Mother fucker, Supersonic Rock n roll…..if madmax had a 8 track in his car, ZMWY is what he would be listening to as he shoots mohawked sports bike fuel scavengers across the barren Victorian wastelands.
Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard´s new album Supersonic rock´n´roll" is out Feb 24 on Napalm Records.


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