Dead Letter Circus announce The Endless Mile tour

When you put on Dead Letter Circus' eponymous debut EP, it is still as fucking amazing as it was 10 years ago... and, in true testament to its enduring relevance, feels like it could have been recorded 10 minutes ago. The sound it created is iconic, and the bands it inspired are dotted across the Australian landscape. It is legacy. Timeless.

Re-imagining the EP to honour its anniversary, Dead Letter Circus will be touring Australia in 2017, playing the iconic tracks with a unique new interpretation. By no means the first time Dead Letter Circus have stretched the creative boundaries of their own work, The Endless Mile is in part a response to fan demand from the success of DLC's 2014 Reimagined tour. This band – whose original conquest a decade ago was to create a new sound – prove yet again why they are one of Australia's best, most artistically fearless bands. 


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