Stream Sonitus´ debut EP Kleptocracy in full

The blistering power riff that scythes through the silence to announce Sonitus’ latest release is a prelude to a track that melds the edge of Jane’s Addiction and the invention of Primus with a touch of deep street-soul. ‘Kleptocracy’ soars and swoops in a molten waltz as each band member strains to match the high standards of his fellow musicians, surrounding frontman Russell’s vocal with an electrifying vigour as he opens his lungs to unleash an uber-Ohrwurm of a chorus. What initially seems to be a love story concerning a couple at the margins of society reveals itself as a metaphor for the hopelessly unequal struggle between the masses and the corporations. It charts “a world, an economy, run by thieves,” says guitarist Dein, denoting the biting political intent of ‘Kleptocracy’ that matches its clear ambition to be a bona fide alt-rock classic.


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