Kytes from Munich got something

2016 looks like being a great year for the lads from KYTES and in fact it started out with a “bang“, early on at their performance in Austin Texas at the SXSW festival. Shortly before, the band managed to get through US customs control with their 20,000 or so guitar effects, all vaguely resembling small explosive devices. Meanwhile hoards of sweaty US kids found their way to the dance floor taking a well-earned break from the beer and barbecue: KYTES were on stage. Between Austin and Munich is a 8823 kilometre stretch separating two very different worlds, but these worlds were about to merge together and they did so on this night in Austin, deep in the heart of Texas. This connection was all the more evident when US lists of Spotify users suddenly contained presently available KYTES songs.
“Heads and Tales” contains 13 original KYTES songs, all written and produced by the band.
For those of you who prefer the retro effect, the release will be available on vinyl as well, so dust off that turntable and set it to 33 and one third.
Music lovers of infectious rock music will be delighted with the CD. It’s this classic 3 minute melodic song writing (Heads) interwoven with subtle but eloquent lyrics (Tales) that hits you right between the eyes, leaving you hungry for more with that special quality control from the music makers of KYTES


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