Then and now, I´d like to go for NOW!

I decided to go online with my first blog again, but this time I will only do personal blog updates. No reviews or videos here.
Too much information here that would otherwise be lost in cyberspace, it´s better that all my previous posts are available for all.
I will continue to do reviews and music news over at

I am working on a review of the Dream Theater Box Set, it will be online at very soon.
On Monday, I will buy tickets to the Anberlin show here in Orebro on Aug 9th. I´m looking forward to see this band live on their farewell tour.

So whatever happened to that Steve Perry solo album he´s been working on for like 4evah!
I´m one of hundreds of thousands of fans that would like Mr.Steve to get off his butt and release some new music, I´m sure he´s got dozens of new songs recorded.
I read he was influenced by modern electronic music such as Imagine Dragons and AwolNation, and lately he made his first stage appearance in 20 years with Eels.
I wouldn´t mind him doing his own version of Eels song "It´s a motherfucker" because Steve sounded so good singing it live on the youtube videos.
Anyway, whether it´s an album in Street Talk vein or a covers album or why not a ROR oriented album (Raised on Radio). I don´t really care. Just release new music.

CD´s piled up on my stereo this weekend:
Stan Bush and Barrage (classic AOR album, yes the one with The Touch!)
The Who - Then and Now (a great compilation with all their early stuff from one of the best rocknroll bands on the planet)
Journey - The Frontiers Tour (FM radio broadcast of their show in Oklahoma in 1983, no overdubs, just the superb concert performance from the Kings of AOR)
Linkin Park - The Hunting Party (it´s good to have them back in their metal mood again, I like their latest album a lot)

I think 2015 has every chance of being a great year for music with new albums coming from Def Leppard, Muse, Van Halen, AC/DC, Toto and Deen Castronovo.


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