The last update

Hello everybody,
You know the saying, it ain´t over til the fat lady sings, but she´s on stage here at Palace of Rock doing her best.
I have decided not to update this blog anylonger, mainly because it takes so much time and effort.
However, I will continue a little while longer to do reviews over at RothNRoll so you know.
Thank you once again for reading my blog, keep rocking!
Here´s the last update, over and out.............................

Creed frontman Scott Stapp returns with his new solo album "Proof of life", here´s the new single "New day coming".

Amarionette is a progressive and experimental rock band from Las Vegas, check out their new single "Knock Knock" here:

Modern rockers The Fray releases their new album "Helios" on Jan 14th, listen to the first single "Love don´t die" at:

Dallas based post hardcore band Dark Horse Darling posted their new video of "Sleeping on the floor", from their upcoming "Only time will tell" EP here:

Columbia Records artists The Neighbourhood posted their new video of "Afraid", from their new album "I love you" here:

Pilot is a new modern rock band for fans of Nickelback, listen to their new single "Ayleanne" at:

If you like a mix of 80´s rock, sleaze and straight rocknroll. Then Warner Drive´s new single "Metal bridge" could be your cup of tea. Check it out here:

Headbang to Motorhead´s new "Heartbreaker", from their new album "Aftershock" at:

Ekko Park is a 4 piece rock band from New Zealand, they recently released their new single "My crime".  Taken from the upcoming album "Tomorrow, tomorrow, today", out Nov 1st. Listen here:

Rock/metal band Silence is Broken share the same hometown as Cheap Trick, namely Rockford. Get a first taste of their new song "M.E" from the upcoming album "Elevate" at:

Montreal based rock band Black Swan Theory worked with producer Luc Tellier on their new single "When kings bow down", check out a teaser at:
or watch the video of their debut single "Over you" at:

Make Believe Me is a promising post hardcore band from Australia, watch their new video of "Home" at:
or stream their new "Where the heart is" EP here:

SansArcade is a high energy rock band from New Zealand, stream their new "Re Entry" EP at:
The single "Turn up the radio" is really nice.

Idaho based post-grunge band Beyond Today posted their new single "Sunburnt cradle" here:

1.Biffy Clyro - Opposites
2.John Elefante - On my way to the sun
3.Alter Bridge - Fortress
4.Thirty Seconds To Mars - Love Lust Faith + Dreams
5.Human Cometh - Mayan logic

6.Bleu - To hell with you
7.Pinnick Gales Pridgen - s/t
8.David Ford - Charge
9.AS - Exile
10.Seventh Key - I will survive

11.Sound of Contact - Dimensionaut
12.Falling Up - The machine de ella project
13.Jamie Woolford - A framed life in charmed light
14.Vertical Horizon - Echoes from the underground
15.Benesser - The start of something new

16.W.E.T - Rise up
17.Amos Slade - Hungry earth
18.Smash into pieces - Unbreakable
19.On a bridge of dust - Facing the opposite
20.Magnum Bonum - Skott från gevär


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