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In it to win it

Rock til you drop

Music news

Stardog Champion - When we fall

The Deep Red Sky - Plans

Falling Red - We are reckless

Atlantis Awaits - Letters in wonderland

Papa Roach - Leader of the broken hearts

Motion City Soundtrack - True romance

Destine - Wait forever

Dorydrive - Paramour

For The Imperium - Sudden death

Shouting Signals - Hey Penitence

Hey Vanity - Terry Tibbs

Some Fear None - Break hold and elevate

John Nickoloff - Get out of my way

Gloomball - The distance

MicLordz and Sauce Funky - Fly away

Attack! Attack! - All my life

Toseland - Life is beautiful

Michale Graves - I can feel heaven

House of Heroes - Hide

Birds of Tokyo - When the night falls quiet

Rachel Farris - Stick your tongue in my mouth

Days Between Stations - In Extremis

YourDesign - Better life

The Make Believe - All for you

H.I.M - Tears on tape

Fall Out Boy - Young volcanoes

Owl City - When can I see you again?

Alex Goot - Just give me a reason

Fiction in Motion - Hope this ride never ends

Within Temptation - Titanium

Dave McPherson - Lady luck

Jimmy Eat World - I will steal you back

Skillet - American noise

A New Tomorrow - Brighter than the sun

Ekko Park - Becoming the enemy

The New Regime - Exhibit A

Shaken - So wrong

No Resolve - Get me out

Marion Crane - Adrenaline

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Up in the air

Chasin Aces - Lost and found

Five Grams of Perfection - Rise up

Beady Eye - BE

Vikunja - Strangers

The Tubes - Remote control (re-issue)

Jefferson - All the love in the world

John Elefante - On my way to the sun

Everfound - Never beyond repair

Infinita Symphonia - S/T

Aarsen - Home

Chris Starr - Heartless

40 Sons - Hurricane

Bleeker Ridge - Last cigarette

Heaven Below - Dodging a bullet

Awaken - The narrow door

Frequis - The Escape

Devise - Days of grey

Griffin House - Balls

The Cleopatra Complex

Sister Sin - Fight song

Maybe If You Hit It - The Party Inside You

Mile High - The Past

I The Mighty - Speak to me

Laneslide - Flying High

Tim Morse - Faithscience

Rescue Kid - Ignite

Arcane Roots - Slow

Empire of the sun - Alive

Chasing Violets - Jade hearts

Bree - All American Girl

Top 20 artists - The Netherlands

Top 25 Numetal Albums 1-5

Top 25 Numetal Albums 6-10

Top 25 Numetal Albums 11-15

Top 25 Numetal Albums 16-20

Top 25 Numetal Albums 21-25

Fallen To Flux - Piece by piece

We As Human - Strike back

Bad Suns - Cardiac arrest

Amelia Lily - Party over

The Jury and The Saints - Freedom fighter


Willpowerless - Stronger

Damn The Sky - Put me away

Barrelbright - Hurricane

Ghost Radio - Call this even

Broken Tempo - You

Uncommon Road - To be found

These Four Walls - Talons

All But Over - Done it again

Farewell 2 Fear - New blood

Darling Parade - Ghost

The Sammus Theory - Numb

10 Years - Dancing with the dead

Life on Repeat - Forgotten

Bullet Method

Sargent Avenue - Let go

Bravo Delta - Shutdown sequence

Skillet - Sick of it

Blue Cow Kent - Live photos

Sweet Fanny Adams Revisited

ESO - Brand new suit

The Advice - You give me

Kandia - Scars

Davey Suicide - Kids of America

The Heroes Lie - Angels wear armor

Famous For A Century - More

Saivu - I bleed

Raine Maida - Montreal

Timo Tolkki´s Avalon - Enshrined in my memory

Fiction Killer - Wake up screaming

Rat Attack - Heart attack

The Taking - EP