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Righteous Vendetta - Defiance

VOTA - God of the universe

Group 1 Crew - He said

Throw The Fight - The Vault

Rich - Alone

Joey Brown - Winter

Diztord - Said and done

Kevin Matisyn - Satellite

Our Last Night - Fate

Audrey Horne - Redemption blues

Tainted Nation - Loser

Simple Day - Take a breath

Kashmir - E.A.R

As They Burn - Will, love, life

Midnight Empire - Cant get enough

Vice Versa - Absence

Kensington - Home again

Reachback - No one else

Satellite - Brooklyn

Socionic - Identity

Otherwise - I dont apologize

Rat Attack - Heartbeat

Angeline - Life

Adam Kills Eve - Ms Destruction

Josh Doyle - Solarstorms

Baton Rogue Morgue - Crystal city

The Virginmarys - King of conflict

Sloth Reunion

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine

Amaranthe - The Nexus

Hawk Nelson - Words

Black Seed - Moving on

Live My Last - Lets get this started again

Kingcrow - Right before

Audrey Horne - Redemption blues

Hadouken! - Every weekend

Morten Abel - Lost

Girl Gone Diving feat Chris Antblad

More Than A Thousand - Heist

Itchy Daze - Millionaire

Homeless Hill - They dont know

The Almost - Ghost

Sevendust - Decay

Paramore - Now

The Sky - One day

Pinnick Gales Pridgen - Hang on, big brother

Marrok - Revolution of heroes

Native Suns - Insofar gone

Fighting Gemini - Memory

Sleeperstar - Call it what it is

Pretty Maids - Mother of all lies

Goo Goo Dolls - Rebel beat

Voodoo Circle - More than one way home

Aeon Zen - Enigma

The Purge Effect - Lullaby

Blind Myself - Bizonyos

Turn of Mind - Loud enough

Westland - Jack and Coke

Black Veil Brides - In the end

Redeem - Lost

Eyes Set To Kill - True colors

HeadrusH - I wont lay down and die

Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal

Suede - Bloodsports

Anthrax - Anthems

Bad medicine

Courrier - Cathedrals of color

Wavorly - Something like fiction

Diamond Dawn - Take me higher

Enova - Counterpart

Krokus - Dirty Dynamite

Fight The Fade - What we know

Shakra - Wonderful life

Grease Helmet - Nobody rides for free

Kingrieve - Agony

Noise Auction - My darkest day

Hardcore Superstar - One more minute

Anna Rose - Electric child

PlanEscape - How many

Bullet For My Valentine - Riot

OneRepublic - If I lose myself

Snakecharmer - Accident prone

3 Doors Down - One light

Crash Car Burn - The light

Diamondog - Let the fight begin

Ann My Guard - Preparation

Drive Like Red - Streetlights

Warrior Poet - Tonight

Cryoshell - Breakout

Silent Film - The scene is dead

Adverse Attraction - Noise in the basement

Etchmark - Firestorm

Pilot - Statues

Framing Hanley - The sum of who we are

Mary Fay - Still here breathing

Screaming For Silence - Helpless

Engloria . Shine

Picture Me Broken - Beautiful disguise

Signal The Revolution - Downloads

Liberty Lies - Reflections


The Union - The world is yours

Sweet - Desolation Boulevard Revisited

Pinnick Gales Pridgen - Album trailer

i-Exist - Before its over

Just Breathe - Take me back

Facing The Oracle - Dead king

Newsted - Metal

Minds of Montage - Pseudo hero

A Life Divided - The last dance

Fatally Yours - Exit sign

Eikostate - Away from here

Adalene - Eve´s drop

Sons of Samson - Take me away

The Fire - Paralyzed

Alpha Rev - Sing loud

Top 20 albums of 2012

Stitched Up Heart - Grave

Cherry Suede - Saturday night

My Chemical Romance - The world is ugly

The Wiser - Misery loves company

BulletProof - Until we break

IsRain - Trees never sleep

Dimicandum - The legacy of Gaia

Mallory Knox - Lighthouse

Steve Lukather - Transition

Allele - Immune

Blue October - The scar

Faultline - Hindsight

Red - Perfect life

Krewella - Alive

Wolves At The Gate - The King

The Chevin - Champion

Interview with CyLeW