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John Lawton - The Power of mind

Grease Helmet - Keep your helmet greasy

Our Theory - The Storm

Azure Agony - Private fears

The Wild - Road house

Thera - We were a housefire

Forever - Something for nothing like diamonds for no one

Blackguard - Firefight

Yohio - Our story

Ill Nino - La Epidemia

6 Weeks Sober - Not into you

Gravel Switch - The dirty song

The Birdsongs - Will you save me

Glass Delirium - Reality

Fun Size - End of the road

Art of Chaos - Dreams

The Mighty One - Countdown to ascension

SIOS - The Garden of shades

Corroded - More than you can chew

Everything Everything - Arc

Rik Emmett - Then again

Simple Minds - 5x5 Live

Faded Paper Figures - The Matter

Degreed - Black cat

Lucas Black - 67 Lifetimes

The Fire - Follow me

Living On Titan - Tania

Villainy - Money mouth

Silver End - Beyond limits

One Ok Rock - The Beginning

Until June - What went wrong

Nik Kershaw - These tears

Dear Superstar - Change yesterday

Submission Red - 24 (I Want More of You)

Smash Into Pieces - Colder

Vega - White knuckle ride

ZZ Top - I gotsta get paid

Aerosmith - What could have been love

Crown The Empire - Makeshift chemistry

The Bolts - The Bolts

Apollo Crue - Raise your glass

Man As Machine - Burnout

Maxxwell - Slapshot

2nd Life - Everything is possible

Mary Fay - Still here breathing

Hollywood Undead - Dead bite

Pandorum - Free download

Visual Cliff - Between two kingdoms

Microlip - Making money

Fallen From Earth - Hey you

Pink - Try

NeedleStill - Fight for you

U.K and U.S album Top 10 chart

Mallory Knox - Wake up

Fair Struggle - EP

3 Doors Down - One light

Craving Lucy - Resolution

The Wedding - Heartbreak in melody

Kill The Soya - Circles and cages

The Dirty Pearls - Whether you like it or not

Dead Rabbitts - Edge of reality

NeonCity - The Moments

Directive - Departure plan

Crown The Empire - The Fallout

Cities Under Fire - Bright lights

Lifehouse - Almeria

How To Destroy Angels - Keep it together

Love.Might.Kill - 2 big 2 fail

Asia - Resonance

Vintage Trouble support The Who

Y&T - Live at the Mystic

Never Shout Never - Indigo

Comapilot - Dead men don´t walk

Trapt - Love hate relationship

Strangers - Persona Non Grata

The Heartless Aisha - Finding myself

LizZard - Out of reach

These Four Walls - Passenger (acoustic version)

Something For Kate - Survival expert

Voodoo Highway - Showdown

Smalltown Poets - Under the new sun

Soul Side In - Invincible

Tonight Alive - Listening

Rick Springfield - I hate myself

H.E.A.T - It´s all about tonight

Fahran - Fahran

Sister Sin - Now and forever

Perfect View - Hold your dreams

Hand In Mine - Something more

Vega - White knuckle ride

Varna - Down

Hunting Grounds - Star shards

Cars on Fire - Borders

Running The Risk

Digital Noise Academy

Hinder - Save me

HalfNoise feat Zac Farro

5000 reviews

Jeremy Camp - Reckless

Pinback - Information retrieved

Cage9 - How to shoot lasers from your eyes

Evermore - Follow the sun

Falling Up - Machine De Ella Project

Six Side Die - Own this

Bush - The Afterlife

Last Transmission - Without Fail

Grinspoon - Passerby

Shatterglass - Psycho girlfriend

Meet The OddFathers

A Perfect Day - A Perfect Day