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Field Music Play...

Liv Kristine - Libertine

H.I.M - XX Two decades of love metal

Ill Nino - Epidemia

One Direction - Take me home

Cities and Saints - Lead the escape

Cabezones - Nace

Stars in Stereo - Violence

The Evidence - Crossing the Rubicon

The Product - My damage

The Nixon Rodeo - Hey, this is my first day

Chair Warriors - Lifeline

The Sword - Apocryphon

All Time Low - Don´t panic

Hinder - Save me

Crossing Rubicon - Perfection in life

Everything Falls - Sorry to say

Gypsyhawk - Revelry and resilience

Windowpane - House of cards

Kopek - White collar lies

Dead Fish Handshake - E-motionless

Gloryhound - TKO Tokyo

Anberlin - Someone, anyone

All That Remains - A war you cannot win

Satellites - 01

Shiny Toy Guns - Fading listening

Nonpoint - Nonpoint

Dimitri´s Rail - Back to you

Siamese Fighting Fish - Breathe:See:Move

One Ok Rock - The beginning

Threshold - Ashes

Siddharta - The whitest swan

Love and a.38 - Lovely lies

Message To Venus - Universal you

Fat Tree - Losin´ my mind

Blondfire - Where the kids are

The Script - Hall of fame

Ryan Star - Stay awhile

Dharmata - Echoes

Atlantic Avenue - The fool I am

Albums for 2013

Big Country - Peace in our time Live

Danko Jones - Rock and roll is black and blue

Less Than 4 - By blood by heart

Ultrasound - Play for today

Black Country Communion - Afterglow

Press To Meco - Burning the reward

Divine Air - Sleep tonight

Act As If - Oh my my

Deception of a ghost - Life right now

Muse - Madness

Charlie Played Cello - Memories collide

Mika - The origin of love

Coheed and Cambria - Domino the destitute

Parabelle - Will never make us even

Shiny Toy Guns - III

Hellsingland Underground - Evil will prevail

Sparzanza - Death is certain, life is not

Bonafide - Too fired up

The Datsuns - Gods are bored

Dollarosa - Curses

Slide on Venus - Topless

Starship - Loveless fascination

The Fixx - Anyone else

Dispatch - Circles around the sun

Kiss The Gunner´s Daughter - Still here

Another Lost Year - War on the inside

Royal Bliss - Crazy

Our Last Night - Age of ignorance

Handguns - Long October

Re-Machined A tribute to Deep Purple´s Machine Head

Meat Loaf - Guilty pleasure tour

The Reasoning - Adventures in neverland

Ryan Roxie - The Roxie Box

Jeremy Camp - Christmas God With Us

Bullet Tooth Album Sampler

InAshton - Everyone and you

Electric Six - Absolute pleasure

Marissa Burns Trey - A thousand miles

Future Villains

The Breakdown - Count to ten

Wayland - Welcome to my head

Mallory Knox - Death rattle

Thatwasthen - Make way

P.O.D - Higher

Anberlin - Self-starter

Drowning Pool - In memory of

The Rockford Heroes

Life Down Here - All that you are

Topher Daniels - Empty Graves

Amaranthe - New Album

Action Item - Last day of summer

Disciple - Draw the line

Projected - Human