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Brookroyal - Jump

The Feud - Mad

Find Vienna - Balance

Laura Wilde - Sold my soul

John Mayer - Shadow days

Demon Hunter - Someone to hate

Slash - Youre a lie

Itchy Daze - 10 000 watts

Roman Holiday - Fuel the fire

Elias - Fossils

World Fire Brigade - Spreading my wings

Ghost Beach - Bones

Hello Gorgeous - Two inches of snow

Her Bright Skies - Ghosts of the attic

Lovedrug - Ladders

Lyriel - Leverage

Darry Miller and The Veil - Quite the substance

Cavo - Celebrity

Six Hour Sundown - Shadow of my past

Maggie Talks - Angels

Siva Addiction - One night rodeo

Stonefield - Black water rising

Melotia - In valor and virtue

Eras - Tall Tales

The Finger - I dont believe my eyes

Shear - Breaking the stillness

Abandon Kansas - Chariot

Esterlyn - Treasure

Unheilig - So wie du warst

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - TT Quick

Under the radar : Whither The Tide

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Alice Cooper

Love and Death

The Never Ever - At sixes and sevens

Vendetta - World under fire

Blacklisted Me - Reprobate Romance

Allstar Weekend - Dance with somebody

Koritni - Welcome to the crossroads

Cloverton - The end is the beginning

Mika Newton - Dont dumb me down

Namesake - Worlds away

Oceans Divide - Break

Manic Bloom - Death and conversation

Nemesea - Afterlife

Rock and roll heroes - Budgie

Elektradrive - Dirty war of bloody angels

The Heartbreaks - Winter gardens

Soulicit - Hell Yeah

Yournalist - Cmon People

Junkie Kut - Pixel picture

Crash Boom Bang - Save me

Razor Red Noise - Turn to stone

The Cult - Lucifer

My Excellence - Rain on me

Daniela - Love me enough to lie

Straight Lines - Half gone

The Audition - You make me sick

Primal Rock Rebellion - No place like home

Lansdowne - Watch me burn

Dorean Lives - Shiver Breathe Repeat

Modified - Running from myself

Southbound Fearing

The Material - Let you know

9Electric - Feel this

Manafest - Fighter

Fallen One - Dreams You Took

Concordia - Surrender

Blessed By A Broken Heart - Forever

Under the radar : Vaudeville

Max Raptor - Carolina

Life Down Here - All that you are

Adrenaline Mob - Undaunted

Lostprophets - Bring em down

Rumour Has Wings - Put your fist up

Morgan and Kaj - 1985

Killcode - Tied

Higher Ground - Missing You

Scream Out Loud - The fear of letting go

AKA Voodoo Man - The Rhythm

Jonas and The Massive Attraction - Seize the day

Jassepy Moses and The Vagyterians - Lifer

JT Hodges - Goodbyes made you mine

I The Mighty - The Dreamer

The Nearly Deads - Never look back

Saliva - All around the world

Under the radar : Sky Architects

2012 albums reviewed at Melodic.Net

Three Years Hollow - Chemical Ride

The Beautiful Refrain - Page One

Alter Bridge - Live at Wembley

Green River Ordinance - Heart of me

InMe - A great man

Starfield - The Kingdom

The Darkness - Nothing´s gonna stop us now

Fiction in Motion - Today

Eve 6 - Lost and found

12 Stones - Worlds collide