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Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Biscaya

Rock and roll heroes - Simple Minds

Happy New 2012

The Intersphere - Sleeping god

Dear Superstar - Our city sleeps

The New Division - True lies

Under the radar : Les Friction

Megaherz - Jagdzeit

The Satellite Year - Jelly Jelly How to survive such a trip

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Thin Lizzy

This Love - Motions

Evarose - Best left alone

The First - Kicks

Anjulie - Stand behind the music

Young Guns - Learn my lesson

Saturate - In our own way

Santa told me don´t forget to rock!

Under the radar : The Last of Our Kind

Rock of ages

Prosevere - Three

My Girl Friday - American Kids

Merry Melodic Christmas

Eowyn - Beautiful ashes

Under the radar : Back from ashes

Revolving One - Lonely man

Shards of Jade - Free download

5 quick questions to Daniel Flores and Kee Marcello

Crash Coordinates - Falling for you

Seeking Empire - Fairytale

7th Heaven - Sing

Days Difference - Down with me

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Gillan

Toplists of 2011 in music and film

A Static Lullaby - Cinematic attractions

King Washington - Bawl and change

Voodoo Vegas - So unkind

Rock and roll heroes - Rich Ward

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Megadeth

Under the radar : We Are Grace

Record labels we miss - The Militia Group

Iconcrash - Stockholm

Reese Richardson - Easy sister

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Picture

PK - Seawolves

Fake Figures - Something deadly

Under the radar : All the young

Tobi with Steve Rodgers

Donkeyboy - City boy

Owl Stretching - The Lizard

Several Union - The game

Under the radar : Anneke Van Giersbergen

Thousand Foot Krutch - War of change

When Embers Ignite - The onset

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Savatage