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Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Judas Priest

Under the radar : Jaggedy Ann

Stillwell - You cant stop me

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Kiss

Under the radar : Fuser

Avery - Love me or let me go

Plumb - Drifting

Arrows to Athens - Ghosts in the water

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Diamond Head

If I Were You - These voices

Blessed by a burden - Testament

Winds of plague - Refined in the fire

Tribes - We were children

Russian Circles - Mladek

The Dead Lay Waiting - The days I´m gone

Beta Wolf - Believe in love

Euphoria Audio - Gravity

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Gorky Park

Under the radar : Aroarah

Samestate - Hurricane

What are your Top 5 albums of 2011?

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Malice

Top 10 artists from France

Orianthi - Fire

Awaken The Empire - Know your place

Heavy Metal Track of The Day - Warrior

PK - Berelain

Fires in France - Sing

Sugar Red Drive - No apologies

Rock and roll heroes - Goo Goo Dolls

Jacob Guajardo - Time to believe

How to destroy angels - The space in between

Anggun - Cold war

Crazy Arm - Tribes

Under the radar : The Animation

Top albums 2011 (so far)

Betraying the martyrs - Man made disaster

Outline in color - Every boy should collect knives

Drive Like Red - On my knees

Rubylux - What you need

Carpark North - Everything starts again

Octane Ok - The one

Exit Ten - Suggest a path

Stereo Skyline - Kiss me in the morning

Sunderland - Campus

Of Verona - Castles

Under the radar : Diamante

Rock and roll heroes - Tears For Fears

The Foreign Resort - Colleen

The Animation - Its late

Destine - Thousand miles

Fun - We are young

Under the radar : Rob Farnham

Rock and roll heroes - The Tubes

Casino Madrid - Life sentencer

The Getaway Plan - Phantoms

New Empire - Ghosts

Dream on dreamer - Downfall

Daughtry - Renegade