Brian Robertson - Diamonds and dirt

Brian Robertson´s (Thin Lizzy, Wild Horses) long awaited solo album "Diamonds and dirt" will be released on March 25th in Europe and April 5th in USA.


  1. I'm listening to it right now. Wish I wasn't - it stinks big time. Every song is dragged down by some chick yelping away on backing vocals. This is mostly just rehashed slop from an EP Robbo did several years back, far inferior covers of old Thin Lizzy tracks, Frankie miller covers, and some uninspired new offerings. If you're looking for the fire and in-your-face Robbo of old, forget it. A few sparks here and there, but largely mailed in and boring beyond belief. I'm a huge fan of Robbo's past works; I'm also disappointed as hell that he saw fit to release this crap. Listen to his work with Lizzy, Wild Horses, Motorhead, or even Lotus before giving this album a spin. The difference is night and day. What a major letdown.


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