Chasing Avalanche - Without the hour

Modern rock band Chasing Avalanche (feat. members of Sunset Black) will release their debut album "Without the hour" on Aug 10.
Listen to songs at:


  1. I have heard a couple of the tunes. It sounds great! I am so excited for the release!! At least I have the myspace page to listen to a few of the releases to tide me over till I can get the whole album. If you like rock music, you will love this record.

  2. Is this Kaj Roth? It has to be :) just got this record ;)

  3. from one anonymous to another, now that's a secret i can't share ;)

  4. Yeah Im Kaj Roth and I´m sorry for the late answer, the Chasing Avalanche CD is only available as digital download at Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp,eMusic


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